So we made it to Vancouver. I’m writing this as I’m willing my body to stay awake to a reasonably normal bed time in an attempt to not get jet lagged (which I failed at as I had to down my laptop at 7:30PM and go sleep).

The flight over was pretty standard. Flew Delta this time and for the price I’ve got no complaints. As a bonus it doesn’t land at TBIT so you don’t have to wait very long to get through immigration. Since we’d used our ESTA within the last 2 years we were one of the few non US citizens who got to use the computer kiosks. It was okay. The fingerprint scanning struggled to match my pinky and took 3+ attempts.

Once done with the immigration and customs things we had 3 hours to kill. 3 hours soon became 4 as our connecting flight was delayed. Eventually the plane turned up and here we are now in sunny Vancouver.

What does one eat after staying awake for 24+ hours? Five Guys! Cheeseburger with everything. Misjudged the size of large fries though. Will have to make sure to hit an In-N-Out down in states to tick of both fast food burger chains.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Cheeseburger with everything</figcaption></figure>