There’s no denying I’m romanticised by the U.S. National Parks system (and Disney theme parks!). Every 18 months or so since 2008 we’ve made the trek over to see more of “America’s best idea” (with a Disney side trip).

I don’t really know what it is – fresh air, long hikes, bad internet, animals in the wild, dirt on my feet, impressive vistas, long drives, pokey towns, campgrounds.

Hopes for this trip:

  • See a moose in the wild
  • See killer whales
  • See Mount McKinley
  • Hike the Harding Icefield Trail
  • Hike part of the Wonderland Trail out to Summerland
  • Have a fire on the beach
  • Hike on a glacier
  • Hike Lassen Peak
  • Hike amongst Redwoods
  • See tidal pools on the Olympic Peninsula
  • Ride Radiator Springs Racer,  California Screamin’, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Indiana Jones Adventure